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133: Practical Coping Skills For Anxiety to Help Prevent Mom Overwhelm

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Many of the mums I speak with are looking for help with coping skills for anxiety

In this week’s episode of First Time Mum’s Chat, I’m chatting with motherhood coach and mum of 3, Jenna Hodge. As you’ll hear, Jenna was a victim of mom overwhelm and the commencement of her journey into parenthood wasn’t an easy one and all 3 of her pregnancies were unplanned. She needed to muster all her coping skills for anxiety when she also discovered that child number 2 was on the way when her first was just 7 months old, adding to her mom overwhelm and already stressed household!

Jenna’s initiation into motherhood certainly was challenging but I know you will find hearing her approach and coping skills for anxiety with what she was faced with and how she dealt with it very honest, open and interesting. A recurring theme here which I feel is a big takeaway for all mums commencing their parenting journey, is the importance of being honest with yourself and others and not being afraid to admit when it becomes too much and you need help. Accepting that you’re human and not perfect is a very important step!

I’ve also included some links to other First Time Mum’s Chat episodes in the show notes which you will find of assistance if you are experiencing challenges with postpartum anxiety or depression and I’ll let you know where you can find these at the conclusion of this episode.

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About Jenna Hodge

Jenna Hodge

Jenna is a motherhood coach and a mom to three little boys. She is passionate about the health and wellness of both mom and child and she has experienced and learned a lot about motherhood, babies, and toddlers, and knows what it’s like to want to do what’s best for your baby while also not wanting to neglect yourself. 

From getting her children on a consistent eating and sleeping routine, to dealing with acid reflux, two under two, PPD, and more, (all while taking care of her own physical and mental health), Jenna wants to help you and meet you where you’re at to give you the support you need in your motherhood journey.

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