My mission is to help parents improve the bonding with their baby by giving them the gift of massage.

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Baby massage helps soothe a crying baby

Hi! My Name is Helen

I am originally from a farming community in Perthshire in Scotland and since 2016 I have lived in North West Tasmania with my partner Jonathan. Most of my 30 plus years working life have been spent working with both babies and children. I started my career as a childcare educator, where I gained my NNEB qualification in child care.

I first discovered baby massage in 2010 when I was looking for new ways to help babies with the usual typical problems such as sleep, colic and constipation. Baby massage, although not well known in Australia, has been practiced in countries such as India for generations and is almost in their DNA!

There is no better start in life for a baby than a daily massage and there are so many ways in which baby massage can help you and your little ones. 

I’ve always been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, encouraging good nutrition and habits and over the years have also trained in various complementary therapies including Brain Gym and Kinesiology.

I have incorporated some of these techniques to further enhance my baby massage classes.


Simple Baby Massage Routines to Help Build
A Magic Bond

I’ll show you 4 simple to follow routines that you can easily incorporate in your daily routine to help enhance your confidence as a new parent …

4 Simple Baby Massage Techniques
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Get Your 4 Simple Ways to Soothe Your Colicky Baby & Experience Less Stress Cheat Sheet Now

These take just minutes to include in your daily routine and can help ease your little one's colic!

I'll Show you 4 simple ways to soothe your colicky baby, experience less crying, less stress and have a happier, more content baby

These take just minutes to include in your daily routine and can help ease your little one’s colic.