Bonding with your baby can be a positive experience

As a baby massage instructor, I assist parents by teaching
techniques to help their baby with common problems,
such as gas/colic, constipation and poor sleep patterns.


As a baby massage instructor, I teach parents simple
techniques that provide numerous physical, psychological &
emotional benefits for their baby.

I'm Helen. It's a Pleasure to Meet You!

I’m a baby massage instructor who combines the art and science of the ancient tradition to help babies be healthier and happier.

If you are looking for something that will help support you on your parenting journey and improve your bonding, then baby massage can help you achieve these goals. Baby massage will ensure your baby gets the best possible start in life and I teach simple to learn techniques that help parents address the common challenges they face.

Baby massage can help your baby in many ways including with sleep issues, constipation and the relief of gas/colic.

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Baby massage improves sleep

IMPROVE YOUR BABY'S sleep patterns

A relaxing, soothing baby massage before bedtime releases melatonin and  helps your baby drift off to sleep.

Baby massage helps with lymphatic drainage


Baby massage also aids the development of your baby’s lymphatic system which is essential in the removal of body waste.

Baby massage eases gas/colic and constipation

eases GAS/COLIC and constipation

A baby colic massage can immediately ease pain from gas/colic and improve their overall digestion.

Is Your Baby Suffering From Colic or Constipation?

Download this cheat sheet now and I’ll show you 4 simple ways to soothe your colicky baby, experience less crying, less stress and have a happier, more content little one (and household).

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Find out how baby massage could be the solution in this short video presentation.

Find out all about the wonderful world of baby massage and
how it can help soothe your baby and get some well-needed rest.