Interview Request

Thank you for your interest in being interviewed on the First Time Mum’s Chat podcast.

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest taking a look at topics covered in previous episodes and have a listen to some of my earlier podcast episodes to see if I’m likely to be a good fit for you.

This podcast commenced in January, 2021 and I release new episodes fortnightly. I mainly look for women who have expertise in an area which is of relevance to mums, or mums who are sharing their own journey and experience. In many instances, the women I interview tick both boxes!

As per the podcast name, the episodes are conducted in a casual chat style. My usual process is to schedule a 10 – 15 minute chat before agreeing to an interview. Please send me an email if you would like to arrange an initial chat and I’ll send instructions on how to book a date and time.

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Please be sure to thoroughly read the FAQ below and send me an email if you have any queries.

Guest Interview FAQ

I will initially arrange to have a chat with you of around 10 – 15 minutes in duration. This will provide us both with the opportunity to see if we are likely to be able to put together an interesting and engaging interview for the podcast.

I am looking for guests who are prepared to share tips and insights to my audience of mums. I am not interested in conversations where nothing that will help my audience is shared, where it is little more than a blatant promotion for a course, book or coaching program. If you are too protective of your expertise to be prepared to give anything then please do not ask to be a guest on First Time Mum’s Chat. 

If we are happy to proceed then I will direct you to the podcast guest release form and to make a booking for the interview date and time.

Yes, I will give you the option during the interview and I will also include them in the show notes accessible on this website.

As stated in an earlier FAQ, I am not looking for guests whose sole aim is to plug their wares and provide no takeaways for my audience of moms whatsoever.

To see an example, have a listen to one of my previous episodes in the podcast section.

I am located in Tasmania, Australia which is in the same timezone as Sydney and Melbourne which is AEST (GMT + 10 hours).

Interview bookings are generally offered between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm weekdays which is in the afternoon and evening in North America the day before.

Interview times can be offered at a time to suit those located in the UK but will need to be made manually via email.

Currently, all interviews are conducted via Squadcast. Squadcast produces both an audio only and a video file.

I currently only produce an audio podcast so the video footage is not used. Therefore your location and apparel are unimportant.

A location with good acoustics without noise is all that is required for our interview.

Yes, we provide several graphics and an audiogram of approximately 20-30 seconds from the episode which can be shared with your audience.

This will depend on how many episodes are waiting to be published.

As a general guide this is likely to be in the vicinity of 4 – 6 weeks. We will advise you shortly after the interview what the likely turnaround time will be.

Typically interviews are between 20 – 30 minutes in duration.

There are exceptions but this is the typical time.

Once you have indicated your acceptance of my podcast guest release which is located on this website page, you will be directed to a page containing instructions how to book your interview date/time.

Podcast Guest Release Form

Before I can interview you on the First Time Mum’s Chat podcast, I require you to agree to the following terms. Please read them carefully and if in agreement, please enter your details below to confirm your consent.

The Undersigned guest (the “Guest”) does hereby consent to and grant to Helen Thompson (“Podcaster”) hereunder all rights related to the recording and broadcast or other distribution of reproduction(s) of the Guest’s voice, photograph, likeness and performance as part of Guest’s participation in an audio or audiovisual program produced by the Podcaster entitled First Time Mum’s Chat (herein referred to as the “Program”).

Guest does hereby acknowledge and agree:

Podcaster is the sole owner of all rights in and to the Program, and the recording(s) thereof as a Work Made For Hire within the meaning of the United States Copyright Act, for all purposes; and has the unfettered right, among other things, to distribute the Program one or more times by any medium or mode of transmission whatsoever, throughout the world, in perpetuity. Guest hereby grants Podcaster a non-exclusive license to any materials furnished by Guest (“Materials”) and Podcaster shall have the right to use, exploit and distribute such Materials, throughout the world, in perpetuity in and in connection with the Program. However, Podcaster hereby grants the Guest limited right or license to materials referenced herein, thus permitting Guest to share any and all media or materials related to Guest’s appearance on the Program on Guest’s personal and/or professional platforms, including, but not limited to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (collectively, Guest’s Internet Platforms).

Nothing contained in this Podcast Guest Release shall be construed to obligate Podcaster to use or exploit any of the rights granted or acquired by Podcaster, or to make, sell, license, distribute or otherwise exploit the Program or Materials whatsoever.

Guest will receive no compensation for his/her appearances on and participation in the Program. In the event Guest shares materials related to their appearance on Guest’s Internet Platforms, Podcaster understands that she will not receive any compensation for said usage or sharing whether monies by an individual, entity, or organization, are generated or not.

Guest hereby waives the opportunity or right to inspect or approve the content of the Program.

Guest’s name and likeness may be used in advertising and promotional material for the Program, but not as an endorsement of any other product or service.

Guest hereby releases and discharges Podcaster together with all of Podcaster’s principals, shareholders, officers, employees, agents, successors, heirs, assigns and affiliates from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with the making, producing, reproducing, processing, exhibiting, distributing, publishing, transmitting by any means or otherwise using the above-mentioned production.

Guest is at least eighteen years of age or older, is fully competent to execute this agreement, and no other agreements currently exist which would prevent Guest’s transferring these right to Podcaster, or its successors and assigns.

Guest acknowledges that Podcaster intends to rely on this release, and the grant of rights herein contained, and shall incur significant costs in production of the referenced work in reliance upon same.

As a result, Guest agrees not to institute any legal action to contest the rights conveyed to you herein.