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148: The Fourth Trimester – Detailed Discussion on the Expectations & Realities of the Postpartum Period

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

The fourth trimester is one of the areas that I help mums prepare for in the First Time Mum’s Chat podcast.  This week’s guest, Jessica Dawson is a mum who has been through it all. To help other mums who are about to embark on this journey, she published a book last month called ‘Postpartum: The Expectations & Reality of the Fourth Trimester’, which focuses on the often-overlooked fourth trimester.

Jessica’s experience was that there are lots of resources out there for what to expect during pregnancy and how to raise a child, but there’s not a lot of resources out there for new moms on what they’re going to experience in the first couple of days, weeks and months postpartum and she wanted to help mums to bridge this gap!

Her book is a candid and compassionate guide that addresses the physical and emotional challenges that new moms face, offering practical advice, personal anecdotes, and expert insights to navigate this incredible journey with confidence.

In this episode Jessica and I talk about her book which is the number 1 new release on Amazon for:-

  • Pregnancy and child birth.
  • Maternity and women’s health.
  • And breastfeeding.

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About Jessica Dawson

Jessica Dawson

Meet Jessica Dawson, a proud, Denver-based mother to her daughter Harper and dog Beans, partner to her husband Ryan, marketing executive, and avid traveler.

Inspired by a supportive tribe of remarkable women, she fearlessly penned her first book “Postpartum: The Expectations and Reality of the Fourth Trimester,” to empower new moms with the hard truth of what they may experience with a relatable, fun, and friendly perspective, creating an invaluable resource for everyone embarking on the adventure of motherhood.

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