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047: Postpartum Care – Self Care Tips to Heal Birth Tearing

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Many of the moms I speak with find their postpartum care and recovery a difficult time, with often a lack of resources and information readily available to them. This is even more of an issue when they’ve experienced birth tearing. 

For many, this is a scary, uncertain time and there’s no instruction manual or welcome package to help you along with your postpartum care is there?

Getting used to the new normal is hard and there are so often questions you need answers to, right!

This week’s guest knows where you’re coming from and has some excellent tips to help you. Leslie Abraham is a perinatal osteopath who is originally from France where she did her training and has lived in the USA since 2016.

When Leslie moved there, she noticed a lack of help and information available to women on postpartum care and decided to offer her wealth of knowledge to them.

In today’s episode you’ll hear from Leslie on postpartum care topics such as how to help heal birth tearing. Be sure to listen to the end of the interview so you don’t miss any of Leslie’s excellent tips.

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About Leslie Abraham

Leslie Abraham

Leslie Abraham, is a French perinatal osteopath DO and exercise specialist with over 12 years of international experience.

She is the founder of Bonjour Baby and the creator of the Postpartum Body Solution program.

When she moved to the US in 2016, Leslie was shocked by the differences between prenatal and postnatal care in Europe and in the US.

She now offers her 1:1 signature program to all women who gave birth weeks, months or even years ago, and help them heal their body the right way, take back control of their health and life, find their identity as a new mom, and finally feel like their old selves again.

Leslie is also the host of The Bonjour Baby podcast.

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