Raising kids on a sail boat
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048: The Trials and Tribulations of Raising Kids on a Boat

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I think it’s fairly safe to say that parenting and raising kids is a challenging time and I’ve interviewed many amazing people on this podcast who’ve shared great insights and tips to help with this! This week I’m going in a different direction and I’m interviewing an extraordinary lady whose journey I’m sure you’ll find fascinating.

Tanya Hackney is a mom of 5 and I was thrilled to meet her and find out all about her life. Tanya and her husband followed a dream they had from when they were teenagers of doing something unusual with their lives. They wanted to hop on a sail boat and sail the world! Not only did they follow their dream but they did it with 5 children, raising kids aboard the sail boat!

In this episode you’ll hear Tanya talk about their lives on the high seas and how she brought up one of her children from when they were only a baby on the sail boat.

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About Tanya Hackney

Tanya Hackney

Tanya Hackney graduated with a B.A. from Middlebury College in 1997, where she majored in English and double-minored in French and Education.

She married her high school sweetheart and taught kindergarten in Atlanta, Georgia before transitioning to homeschooling her own five children aboard sailing vessel Take Two. She’s lived aboard, traveled, and written for the Take Two Sailing blog for more than a decade. 

She has always had a bad case of wanderlust, having taken countless road trips as a child, spent a semester abroad during college, and honeymooned in Central America.

 She recently published an award-winning memoir, Leaving the Safe Harbor: the Risks and Rewards of Raising a Family on a Boat. In her free time, she plays the ukulele, paints landscapes, and kayaks.

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