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130: Yoga Postpartum – Tips To a Quicker Recovery and Improved Body Flexibility

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

In this week’s episode I’m exploring how doing yoga postpartum can help with your postpartum recovery. One of the areas which has been touched on in a number of episodes of First Time Mum’s Chat has been the importance of taking steps to restore your body’s flexibility and normal range of movement as you go through your postpartum recovery period. 

I’ve spoken with a range of mums and experts who have shared their expertise and I’ve included links to some of these episodes later on this episode page in the show notes. I am certain that you will find some excellent tips and suggestions in these earlier episodes to help get you moving in the right direction as you begin your postpartum recovery.

In this week’s episode, I’m exploring this further with mother of a 2 year old, yoga and flexibility teacher, Devin Garcia. Devin is located in Ontario, Canada and helps moms to regain their flexibility using yoga postpartum. 

Many of the moms I speak with find exercise regimes and the thought of doing yoga postpartum a bit daunting. When I question them further I often get the feeling that this is because they have an impression of yoga postpartum being beyond them, after seeing images of people who are able to contort themselves into all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes with their amazing flexibility. I can relate to this and have often felt this way when I see yoga instructors. I think many of us feel worried that we won’t shape up. 

I was very much drawn to Devin’s down to earth approach to doing yoga postpartum and as you’ll hear during our chat, this approach is realistic and there is no expectation that mums are going to bounce back to where they were before they were pregnant. Having a baby has a significant impact on your body and you need to allow yourself plenty of time to recover and regain your flexibility. You certainly don’t want to do anything that could cause you harm or injury during this time.

Devin’s experiences from her own parenting journey which started 2 years ago have led her to put together an online library of classes which is ideal for mums who are often time poor and unable to attend class at a specific time. This means that you can do the postpartum yoga training when it suits you and you won’t miss out when you have a crying baby or need to spend time with your little one for whatever reason.

During our chat you will also hear Devin share a number of yoga postpartum moves that you can use to help you begin to regain your flexibility after giving birth and she talks about the
importance of improving your hip mobility to assist your overall body’s flexibility.

And so, so much more.

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About Devin Garcia

Devin Garcia

Devin Garcia is a yoga and flexibility teacher, owner of Stretch Love Yoga, and mama to a wonderful 23 month old daughter. 

Devin helps busy women to get past their roadblocks so they can improve their flexibility and range of motion. She is passionate about teaching yoga and flexibility and absolutely loves to help people achieve the flexibility of their dreams.

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