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126: The Benefits of Doula Services and How They Help Transform Newborn Care

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Doula services provide invaluable support and assistance with newborn care solutions. I often highlight and discuss on First Time Mum’s Chat, the importance of having the right mix of people ready to support you when you’ve given birth and adapting to your new life with that additional member of your family, that demands so much of your time.

In this week’s episode, I’m chatting about doula services with postpartum doula, Heather Magill.

It’s important that you get the support you need and not to be afraid to ask for newborn care and support when you need it. As Heather mentions during our chat, support is not something that the Western culture does a good job of, when compared to other, older cultures where the extended family is still thriving. In these cultures, the different generations pitch in to help and also importantly pass on the wisdom gained during their lives.

This is where doula services have an important role to play with newborn care and Heather brings calm, confidence and connection into the lives of families and you’ll hear her talk about the wonderful support she provides to families she works with. Doula services are an important element of your support village, particularly when you are looking for non-medical help.

There’s so much more than just feeding a baby and putting them back to sleep and doula services can help troubleshoot what is going on and help work out what the baby is trying to communicate. I still recall a chat from an earlier episode where a doula talked about how they were helping a mom troubleshoot an issue with their baby’s newborn care. The mother thought that they didn’t have the feeding time quite right and wanted to experiment with some variations but the doula thought that the cause was the baby being uncomfortable and some digestive issues also in the mix. It’s certainly somewhat of a detective process working it all out!

During our chat, you’ll hear Heather talk about how doula services contribute to the family unit and:-

  • Help by taking care of your whole family’s physical and emotional needs.
  • Draw on their wealth of experience from supporting numerous families to help you, highlighting what they feel need to be acted on. This wisdom in my opinion makes doula services highly valuable in newborn care solutions.
  • Are great listeners, and take the time to build meaningful relationships with the families they work with, instead of simply offering quick 10 – 15 minute in-and-out, check the boxes type appointments.

Listen to the episode now to find out how doula services can help you with your newborn care now!

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About Heather Magill

Heather Magill

Heather is a postpartum doula who brings calm, confidence, and connection into the lives of families with new babies. She offers in-home daytime and overnight support to families in the North Shore area of Boston, Massachusetts and virtual support and classes for families all over the world. 

Her approach centers the experiences of new mothers, babies, parents, and family members by listening and observing first and offering information and suggestions second. She draws on over a decade of personal and professional experience and multiple training courses in order to fill the gaps that leave new parents feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and exhausted and raise awareness of the transformative power of postpartum support.

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