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155: Why Building a Strong Support Network is so Vital to New Moms

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Putting together a reliable support network is a really important step for new moms to take before becoming parents. In this episode, I’m bringing you an amazing woman, Tessia Watson, the author of the international bestselling book, Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids who shares her journey into parenthood and talks about why a support network is essential for new moms.

Tessia is a big advocate for new moms to create their support network to ensure they are well supported and to appreciate that “it takes a village to raise a child”.

I found this excerpt from one of Tessia’s blog posts really hit the spot and summed up very well for me where she’s coming from – “Birth is like a very big car accident. And as soon as this accident is over, when the recovering part of the process should begin, you are expected to be the main carer of this tiny human who was also in the car accident.”

The bottom line is that new moms can’t do this journey alone and need a support network!

There is a link below to purchase Tessia’s book Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids via Amazon. Also be sure to visit Tessia’s website and download a FREE chapter from her book. You’ll find the link to her website below. 

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About Tessia Watson

Tessia Watson

Parisian born Tessia Watson is an entrepreneur, spiritual teacher and dance instructor who founded French nursery Les Petits Bellots in London.

 Her bilingual childcare program has been an invaluable support to many people; and now the single mother of two offers up her parenting journey. In her debut book Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids Tessia shares what she calls her parenting mistakes and triumphs and the power of authenticity and vulnerability.

Tessia believes that there are times when almost every mother wishes she could give more to her children. In her book she draws on the pressures she’s experienced and how she faced the guilty feeling that her kids would fail to thrive if she couldn’t figure out how to be the perfect mum. Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids seeks to put mothers at the center of the parenting conversation and to show how a mother’s self-care and well-being are essential for raising healthy, happy children.

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