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156: Using a Conscious Parenting Approach When Raising Your Kids

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

In this episode, I’m discussing a conscious parenting approach with Emily Miotto. Emily is a spiritual guide, ThetaHealer and mother of one and helps moms work on themselves to release any limiting beliefs around motherhood and to connect with their inner selves to trust their intuition and heal both themselves and their little ones!

During our chat, you’ll hear Emily talk about conscious parenting and:-

  • Her postpartum depression journey and how understanding why she manifested it, helped break the cycle.
  • Why your little one may be hypersensitive to everything happening around them and may have trouble sleeping.
  • Why children coming into the world today are different and why moms need to do everything possible to support them as they grow up.

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About Emily Miotto

Emily Miotto

Emily Miotto is an advanced ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor, as well as the insightful host of “The Little Awakeners” podcast and the nurturing force behind the “Sacred Bond” course.

With a rich background in ThetaHealing, Emily has mastered the art of delving into the subconscious to facilitate transformative healing. As a devoted practitioner, she’s passionate about guiding moms on a journey towards greatly strengthening their connections with both their children and themselves.

Emily’s mission is deeply rooted in preventing the transmission of limiting beliefs and unresolved traumas from one generation to the next. Through the powerful tool of ThetaHealing, she empowers mothers to break free from these cycles, ensuring a legacy of positivity and emotional wellness for their families.

As a beacon of wisdom and compassion, Emily brings her expertise to “The Little Awakeners” podcast, where she shares valuable insights, exploring the profound intersection of motherhood and spiritual growth. Her episodes resonate with moms seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their parenting journey.

Beyond the mic, Emily embodies the essence of a Mystic Mama, offering a safe space for mothers to embrace holistic healing and self-discovery. Her approach goes beyond conventional methods, fostering a community where moms can thrive emotionally, spiritually, and in their relationships.

Join her mission to empower moms, rewrite family narratives, and cultivate a future where children inherit a legacy of love, resilience, and limitless possibilities.

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