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135: Navigating Matrescence – Getting Started on Your Motherhood Journey

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Matrescence which is the process of becoming a mother, is a difficult time for many on their motherhood journey and occurs each and every time we have a child! For many of the mums I speak with, it often leads to feelings including disconnect, grief and self-doubt.

For many matrescence is a highly challenging time as bodies, hormones and brains change.

This week’s guest, Kirryn Lee, is a Matrescence Mentor, Energy Coach, mother of two and host of the Matrescence Awakening podcast.

During our chat you’ll hear Kirryn talk about:-

  • The importance of putting yourself first as well as looking after you during your motherhood journey, so you can be fully there for your family.
  • How she helps moms connect again to who they are in this new season of their life.
  • The importance of releasing friendships that no longer serve you so you are ready to welcome in new friendships and connections.

And much more…

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About Kirryn Lee

Kirryn Lee

Kirryn is a Matrescence Mentor, Energy Coach, co-parent to two little gals and recovering people pleaser.

 She’s on a mission to support other mothers to stop living to please others and start living for their magnificent selves. Matrescence, which is the process of becoming a mother, throws us into a whirlwind of self doubt, grief, disconnect, loneliness and a whole bunch of other toughness no one tells us about! 

This transition is begging mothers to pay attention and Kirryn believes this time is a spiritual awakening for all. Through her podcast Matrescence Awakening, group programs and 1:1 mentoring, Kirryn is supporting Mama’s to demystify the spiritual world and become their own healers through the bigness of this transition. As someone who used to hold judgemental opinions on spirituality; and also used to hold herself high on the mothering pedestal well before she had actual human children; Kirryn knows firsthand the power of leaning into the unknown, releasing perfectionism and surrendering to the messiness of it all.

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