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141: Celiac Disease in Infants – Practical Coping Strategies

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Your journey as a mum is often a stressful one, right! Well imagine to add to the stress and overwhelm of your new parenting journey, discovering that you’ve got celiac disease in infants to add to the list!

Mum of 2, registered nurse and natural health professional, Laura Tate faced celiac disease in infants in her parenting journey and she quickly needed to find ways to structure a life that met her family’s health needs.

During our chat, you’ll hear Laura talk about her celiac disease in infants journey and the challenges she and her family faced, very much from the coal face and how she structured a life to accommodate them all including:-

  • Tips and symptoms to look out for to help identify whether your little one has G.I. (gastrointestinal tract) issues.
  • Suggestions on a range of celiac disease in infants friendly flours and ingredients that are must haves for your larder for their diet.
  • The massive adjustment that you need to make in your home environment when faced with celiac disease in infants to ensure that they cannot ingest gluten.

And much more…

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About Laura Tate

Laura Tate

Laura Tate is the founder/CEO of Empowering Health and Legacy, pioneered the Empower-Mom Method- a step by step program to help moms of kids newly diagnosed with Celiac. She is a registered nurse and certified Natural Health professional who brings insight and knowledge from her 15+ years of experience in the medical field.

As she grew up she learned how amazing our bodies really are and we have the responsibility to take care of them so we can live the best lives possible. After her daughter was diagnosed with celiac, an autoimmune disorder, it reiterated the importance of what we can do to support our bodies. Now Laura takes her knowledge, and experience to help other families navigate their journey of celiac while building a stronger foundation of health.

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