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140: Infant Swimming – Discovering Its Many Amazing Benefits for Both You and Your Baby

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Introducing your little one to water and the wonderful world of infant swimming early on is a great way to begin building a bond with them.

In this week’s episode of First Time Mum’s Chat I’m chatting with Jo Wilson about infant swimming. Jo is the founder of the child-development program in water; Aqua Sensory, and is a Developmental Play Practitioner, Aquatic Tutor and author. Jo also hosts the Aqua Sensory podcast which I highly recommend listening to.

Jo is passionate about what she does and during our chat, you’ll hear her share some great infant swimming tips and insights including:-

  • Whilst doing infant swimming, you need to ensure that 100% of your attention is on your little one whilst they are in the water and why multitasking mustn’t occur.
  • Tips on how to tell when your baby is ready to explore the water further.
  • Why it’s extremely important to understand your baby’s cues and behaviors so you can pick up on their subtle cues.

And much more…

A quick heads up – we sometimes use affiliate links to products and services we think you’ll find useful. We may earn a small commission should you choose to buy through them, though at no extra cost to yourself.

About Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson is the founder of the child-development program in water; Aqua Sensory, a Developmental Play Practitioner and Aquatic Tutor. Jo loves sharing her passion and expertise by shaping baby swim teaching across the world and creating the perfect water start for babies, from womb to world.

Jo lives in the UK and runs two busy family swim centres in Warwickshire, which she runs her husband, Christian.

Jo says, “when we get the sensory environment right in sensory harmony and balance, our babies and young children thrive. Water can become a child’s playground and first classroom too.”

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