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040: Insightful Ways to Improve Your Self Awareness As a Parent

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

In the hectic, chaotic world that we live in today, it’s very easy to forget about the wonderful human beings we are and the qualities we are born with and the skills we acquire and develop throughout our lives. It can help having someone to support you on a one-to-one basis with empathy and compassion, right?

Today’s guest, Sinead Kavanagh, has found clarity in her life and lives and breathes this and is committed to helping parents on their journey. Sinead is The Holistic Parent and in this episode, you’ll hear about the four cornerstones that have built her life, her business and her relationships and the importance of maintaining an even balance amongst them.

These are:-

  1. Self awareness/self-efficacy
  2. Resilience
  3. Autonomy
  4. The locus of control.

In this episode Sinead asks you to consider do you know who you are, do you know what triggers you, do you know how you cope with life when it throws you lemons and are you fulfilling your own needs?

When you love yourself, it’s easy for others to love you and you’ll hear Sinead give many valuable tips on how to do this.

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About Sinead Kavanagh

Sinead Kavanagh

Sinead C Kavanagh, The Holistic Parent, is a parent educator and mentor specialising in care, support and education of expectant and new parents and their newborns and families.

Based in Co. Meath, Ireland, Sinead supports parents virtually all over the world as well as working in person with families in Ireland and the UK.

Sinead is an advocate of self-awareness, and educates on autonomy, self-efficacy, resilience and an internalised locus of control.

Sinead passionately supports parenting in all its forms, including self-parenting and re-parenting, right across the lifespan.

The Holistic Parent is for all parents as well as those who need to parent themselves at times.

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