How to rekindle a relationship after marriage problems
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041: Marriage Problems – How to Rekindle a Relationship After Having a Baby

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How to rekindle a relationship after having a baby where marriage problems have resulted is an enormously stressful event on parents. Of course there is the physical toll on the mother before birth and postpartum but one area that is often neglected and underestimated, is how to rekindle a relationship after having a baby.

In this week’s episode, I’m talking with marriage coach, Tiffany Tuttle who had marriage problems  after her baby was born. You’ll hear Tiffany talk about the stress and marriage problems she experienced and how they almost led to the breakup of her marriage. Tiffany and her partner refused to give up and together they worked through their relationship problems and came up with strategies how to rekindle a relationship and make their lives work whilst raising their baby. Tiffany is passionate about helping parents navigate their early stages in parenting to ensure their relationships continue to flourish and they do not experience relationship problems after baby comes on the scene.

Tiffany talks about:-

  • The struggle that many moms face where they are experiencing relationship problems and feel alone and unsupported and get overwhelmed and just want to escape and run away from it all.
  • The feelings of inadequacy when moms are continually shown the so-called ‘perfect family’ in the media in their matching pyjamas etc. whilst they are at the coal face struggling to cope and even find time to shower!
  • The 3 main issues that she sees amongst moms she works with which she targets to help them work through their challenges.

You’ll hear some excellent tips and strategies how to rekindle a relationship in this episode which you won’t want to miss!

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About Tiffany Tuttle

Tiffany Tuttle
Tiffany Tuttle is a marriage coach who helps couples improve communication. bring that spark back, and actually enjoy intimacy- all while raising kids that take all your time and energy!
Her clients come to her resentful and exhausted and walk away saying things like “We are communicating more, and everyday I take time out for myself to workout while he watches the kids.”
Working with Tiffany means you won’t have to figure out how to fix your marriage anymore. She’s created a system of clear easy steps that will take your marriage from roommates to soul mates again!

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