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122: Tips For Moms to Help Build a Quality Circle of Friends

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When you’re a busy mum and often time poor, making and maintaining a circle of friends can be a daunting task. This becomes an even greater challenge when you are living away from family and your circle of friends. Each time, you’ve got to start over again from scratch, building a new circle of friends, new schools and community.

Mum of two, connection mentor and coach and host of the Connected Mom Life podcast, Emily Siegel has experienced these challenges firsthand after moving interstate on a number of occasions. This included a move shortly after she gave birth to her first child. Over the years Emily has learned how to build a circle of friends in new communities and today she has a thriving circle of friends and is on a mission to help mums create more real life friendships.

During our chat, you’ll hear Emily talk about her process of making lasting friendships including why friends don’t just happen. It is important to understand that it requires effort and you need to work at it and go about building a circle of friends differently in adulthood. Your childhood experience going to school etc. will have brought a degree of consistency and is likely to have led to making friendships more easily then.

Emily also talks about the 5 types of connection that every mum needs within her circle of friends and this includes:-

  • Those who are going through a similar life stage/experience. For mums commencing their parenting journey this is likely to be other mums who have recently given birth as well.
  • Those who are at a different stage of their life and able to offer advice and share their experiences with you to help you with your journey. Having both friends who are slightly ahead and those that are way further ahead in their life journeys is likely to bring greater wisdom and experience that you can draw on.
  • Work friends who are a doing similar work to you whether it is corporate or stay-at-home.

Emily also explains during our chat why the bar is lowered in motherhood around friendship and why you don’t need to stress about having the time to be a good friend. Other mums realise that your new parenting journey is challenging and will understand if your home isn’t spotless or if you don’t respond to their text messages within 30 seconds!

Listen to the episode now and you’ll hear Emily share even more tips to help you get started building your circle of friends.

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About Emily Siegel

Emily Siegel

Emily Siegel is a friendship cheerleader, coffee addict, corporate mom, and lover of all-things broadway musicals. Founder of the Connected Mom Life Podcast and Community, Emily is a fierce believer that connections are not a nice-to-have, they’re a must have. And she is on a mission to help moms create more of them.

She believes with her whole heart that we weren’t made to mom alone, and wants to see us stop trying. Because every mom deserves a circle of life-giving friends and she is here to hold their hand and cheer them on as they make it happen.

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