How to tap into your intuition and follow your inner voice
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113: How to Tap Into Your Intuition and Follow Your Inner Voice

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Many of the women I speak with find themselves lost after pregnancy which is hardly surprising. Not only do you need to recover from giving birth but you’ve also got another precious life to support and you hardly have the luxury of time on your hands to adapt to your new circumstances!

It’s all about hitting the ground running isn’t it!

This week’s guest, mom of 2, Jill Wright, knows all about this after feeling lost and being thrown into a tailspin when her journey into parenting commenced. Jill is a mindset mentor, time management guru and alignment coach for moms and after re-aligning and rediscovering herself she embarked on a journey to share her knowledge and tools such as how to tap into your intuition with other moms who were facing the same struggle with overwhelm, chaos and guilt.

During our chat you’ll hear Jill talk about how to tap into your intuition and inner voice specifically:-

  • How intuition is the key to everything and how reconnecting with your inner voice helps everything come more easily.
  • How to learn to recognise those moments in your life where your intuition and inner voice is aiming to talk to you.
  • The importance of making time in your life for quiet time and how to tap into your intuition, so that your inner voice has space to come out and really speak to you.

And much more…

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About Jill Wright

Jill Wright

Jill is a mindset mentor, time management guru, and alignment coach for moms who are looking to reconnect to the version of themselves that doesn’t just go by the name “mom”. She knows what it is to put your own dreams and goals on the backburner because of the demands of a young family. But here’s the truth – it doesn’t have to be that way!

Experiencing post-partum depression and anxiety, as well as adrenal burnout as she started her journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship was enough to throw Jill into a tailspin.

As she dug into the work to re-align and rediscover herself she felt called to share the knowledge and tools she was learning with other moms who were struggling with the same things: overwhelm, chaos and guilt. Jill did ALOT of soul searching and personal growth work during this time and came up with a simplified, “mom-friendly” version of goal setting and time management ; a shortcut to help her achieve her goals, find balance and reconnect with herself.

Today she’s passionate about supporting a community of high-achieving women who want to find harmony between motherhood and living out their own personal dreams. Jill teaches moms who have lost themselves in the process of parenting through the pandemic how to claim back their lives. Even though our external circumstances are not likely to change, and are often out of our control (hello covid and toddlers), we can be empowered to reclaim our joy and find the confidence to go for our dreams.

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