Challenges of parenting after birth
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097: Adjusting to the Challenges of Parenting After Birth

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

This week on First Time Mum’s Chat, I’m thrilled to be chatting with Dr Diane Speier, who has been a birth and postpartum professional both in the USA and UK. Diane has been helping parents adjusting to the challenges of parenting after birth and make a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenthood for more than 40 years.

She is the author of Life After Birth: A Parent’s Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester and in this episode you’ll hear her talk about her book and the accompanying Digital Doula app which is designed for both Apple IOS devices and Android. This app helps with the challenges of parenting after birth and follows the structure of the book and has additional sections and is regularly updated with new information and resources.

During our chat you’ll hear Diane talk about:-

  • The 8 keys for thriving in the fourth trimester – handling the challenges of parenting during the first three months after birth.
  • The use of energy medicine techniques that offer wonderful ways to take care of yourself when faced with the challenges of parenting, whether it’s balancing stress, increasing milk flow or enhancing the bonding process with your little one.

And much more!

A quick heads up – we sometimes use affiliate links to products and services we think you’ll find useful. We may earn a small commission should you choose to buy through them, though at no extra cost to yourself.

About Dr. Diane Speier

Dr. Diane Speier

Dr. Diane Speier is a practicing psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, specializing in perinatal psychology, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and recovering from birth trauma.

Before immigrating to the UK, she was the founder/director of The Family Tree Centre for Parents in New York, offering classes, groups and workshops for prospective and new parents for 20 years. Diane became a certified childbirth educator and started attending births as a doula in 1978. Her book, Life After Birth: A Parent’s Holistic Guide for Thriving in the Fourth Trimester (Praeclarus Press, 2019), draws on 40+ years of experience helping parents make a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Digital Doula®2.0, its companion app, is designed to complement and supplement the book with additional material and resources not included in the book, and brings the links in the book to life.

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