Homes for moms: designing a home for eco-conscious families
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064: Homes For Moms: Designing a Home For Eco-Conscious Families

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Often when I’m speaking on the topic of homes for moms the subject of their home comes up with frustrations often vented about why when designing a home, certain aspects of their home space simply don’t work for them!

This isn’t something I’ve given much thought or consideration to over the years, until I recently spoke with Jane Leach, who is an eco-home chartered architect. I learnt a lot during our chat about why moms so often experience these problems.

Since most architects and builders are male, women often feel ignored during the home design process. This is even more of an issue for moms who need an eco-conscious home that will help ease the daily battles getting everyone washed, dressed, breakfasted and out of the house.

Jane has created a way to help families design a vision for their home so when designing a home, they get something that supports them in living their version of their best lives. She knows all about helping her clients begin their days without feeling frazzled, often by making simple changes to homes for moms.

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About Jane Leach

Jane Leach

Growing up in an uninsulated 8-bed Victorian Villa, so cold in winter that condensation on windows froze into beautiful ice crystals, gave
Jane Leach a love of characterful period property and a desire tomake older homes comfortable and better suited to modern lives.

Now Jane is an eco-home chartered architect specialising in helping eco-conscious homeowners turn their period property with potential into comfortable characterful homes that protect the planet.

Jane has had several awards including EVA awards finalist in 2019 and Small Business Sunday, Theo Paphitis twitter award, in 2018. She has also had projects featured in Ideal Homes magazine and Manchester Evening News.

A single mum, Jane lives in South Manchester UK, and carries out home redesign projects throughout the UK and internationally.

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