Deciphering those crying baby sounds
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021: Baby Crying Sounds – What’s Your Baby Trying to Tell You?

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

There are times when you wish you could work out the meaning of baby crying sounds, right? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to unlock that code book and understand this secret language.

Well you won’t want to miss this episode because you can now unlock the meaning of baby crying sounds and the code to this secret language.

Some months ago, I read about the research of Dr Priscilla Dunstan, an Australian paediatrician, who developed the Dunstan Baby Language system (also known as DBL), who has been featured on shows including Oprah.

The Dunstan Baby Language helps you to identify a number of different cries so you don’t have to keep guessing, including:-

  1. A hunger cry
  2. A gassy cry
  3. A sleep cry
  4. A discomfort cry

In this episode, I speak with Dunstan Baby Language Educator and Trainer, Sonja Preston. Sonja de-mystifies the meaning of baby crying sounds for you and tells you all about this fascinating language.

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About Sonja Preston

Sonja Preston

Sonja started work as a classroom teacher, mostly in the infant’s grades, then became a Parenting Consultant for the Dept of Education in NSW (Australia) working on a program called Parents as Teachers – for first time parents teaching them about early childhood development, early literacy, the value of play and about brain development.


Sonja then became an International Trainer in the program for Macquarie University, training new educators in the role from across Australia.

During this time, Sonja heard about DBL and did the training to become an Educator in it. The Parenting Cafe was born, supporting parents with young children in knowledge, strategies and activities and teaching DBL.

Sonja has taught DBL to hundreds of parents across Australia and is now the national trainer, helping professionals to come on board with DBL: in their roles as midwives, lactation consultants, baby sleep people and Community Nurses etc.

DBL is instrumental in helping parents to give their infants a great start to life!

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