Returning to work after maternity leave
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018: Returning to Work After Maternity Leave – Easing the Transition

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

Returning to work after maternity leave is a stressful time for many mums.

You not only need to factor in how to juggle your working life with your home life. You’ve now got your little bundle of joy to factor into the equation and this can be a difficult time with many adjustments necessary.

In this episode I speak with Millie Malum, a mother of two who has been through this, juggling a career with her family. Millie’s passion led her to write a book, ‘Merging Parenthood and Work: A New Mum’s Guide to Returning To Work Post Maternity Leave’, which has recently been published on Amazon.

Available either as a downloadable Kindle e-book or a printed book, Millie’s book covers many topics including:-

  • Planning for a family and factoring in government regulations.
  • How to have the necessary conversations with your employer to smooth the transition.
  • What to do whilst on maternity leave to make the return to work easier.

The book includes templates and checklists to help guide you through every step of the way.

A quick heads up – we sometimes use affiliate links to products and services we think you’ll find useful. We may earn a small commission should you choose to buy through them, though at no extra cost to yourself.

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About Millisen Malum Che

Millie Malum

Millisen (Millie) Malum Che is a mother to two adorable children and an IT Management Consultant who lives in London, UK with her family.

This is Millie’s debut book, based on her own personal experience of maternity leave, returning to work and also the experience of other mothers in her network, Millie had a challenging time transitioning back to paid work after having kids and only wished she had the information and support required to make the process more seamless.

Millisen holds a BA (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford and an MSc in Business Systems Integration with SAP from Brunel University West London.

When she has a moment to herself Millie loves reading, research and cooking.

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