How to use essential oils safely with your baby
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013: How to Use Essential Oils Safely With Your Baby

Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

When I teach parents how to massage their babies I always urge them before massaging their little one to be extremely cautious when it comes to their choice of massage oils. So I was very excited this week when I interviewed Ruth Casper, who is a qualified aromatherapist and reflexologist. I made the most of the opportunity and quizzed Ruth on various topics including essential oils and when it is safe to use them.

Ruth also shares information including:-

  • 3 things to look for when assessing the quality of essential oils.
  • What to ask essential oil vendors/suppliers to ensure their product is of good quality and suitable.
Books Mentioned by Ruth in This Episode
During the episode, Ruth recommends three books and their details are as follows:-
  1. Battaglia S (2003) The complete guide to aromatherapy. Perfect Potion, Australia
  2. Caddy R (1997) Aromatherapy : essential oils in colour. Amberwood Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom
  3. Davis P (2005) Subtle aromatherapy. Ebury Publishing, United Kingdom
About Ruth Casper
Ruth has many years experience, with qualifications in areas including aromatherapy, reflexology, remedial massage and pregnancy and infant massage.
Ruth’s business is called Divine Therapies Tasmania and you can find out more about Ruth and make contact via her website at


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