Deciphering those crying baby sounds

Deciphering Those Crying Baby Sounds

As I mentioned in my How to Soothe Your Crying Baby quick guide, when your baby is very young, it is often highly challenging to decipher those crying baby sounds.

If only they came with an instruction manual eh!

So you’re left with the question, “what is my baby trying to tell me?”.

Remember these crying baby sounds are their only way of communicating with you. You’ll be pleased to know that for some of these cries, you can put away your Sherlock Homes sleuth kit because others have figured it out for you already!

Luckily there are many crying baby sounds that have their own unique language and I am going to share two interesting resources in this article which I’m sure you will find extremely helpful.

Bright Side refer to a number of baby crying sounds and describes them in an easy to follow video which include:-

  1. A hunger cry – this is saying, “I am hungry, feed me now!” As expected it becomes a hysterical cry very quickly!
  2. A pain cry – hard to miss, a cry that is flat and constant.
  3. A sleep cry – you might be able to prevent this cry if you see your baby rubbing their eyes or ears and yawning a lot in time.
  4. A discomfort cry – this produces an irritated cry and they may start fidgeting and flapping their arms and legs or arch their back.

They are covered in the first part of the following video.

Another excellent resource to help with those baby crying sounds is from Dr Priscilla Dunstan who is an Australian paediatrician.

Her Dunstan Baby Language system has been featured on shows including Oprah and she has put together a course and you can find out more in the following video.

I hope you found these resources on crying baby sounds helpful. Please let me know in the comments if you got any ‘a-ha’ moments from the videos.

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