First Time Mum's Chat Podcast Reviews

Lisa Quinney
Authentic Conversations
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I love how Helen genuinely connects with her guests and gently draws out their experiences of mothering. There is so much value in listening to her knowledgeable guests for parents who are committed to be the best they can be for their children.
Laura Tate
Brings insight, awareness and support in an applicable way
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First Time Mum's Chat is such a valuable resource. It teaches that through all the ups and downs of having kids there's a village of support. Helen brings her expertise and insight to the conversations with her guests to encourage mums all around the world. Listening to the podcast is like being in a room with a supportive friend cheering me on as a mum.
Kelly Durbin
This show is a treasure
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First Time Mum's Chat is a podcast with a wealth of topics related to birth, coping in labor, parenting topics, infant health, maternal health, breastfeeding, and so much more! The host, Helen Thompson, asks important questions, and she delivers great information on this podcast. This is a treasure trove for anyone interested in birth and the perinatal year.
Jessica Dawson
Solid information for moms
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This podcast covers so many important topics for moms! If you are expecting or already have kids, it is worth a listen.
Kaley Medina
Informative & Understanding Podcast for New Moms
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This is such a great podcast for new moms. I really feel like there is such great information that I’ve benefited from listening. Would highly recommend this podcast for all moms, regardless of if you are pregnant with your first or third!

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