First Time Mum's Chat Podcast Reviews

Sandra Kwesell MSC/MFCT
Working with an Outstanding Hostess on an important topic
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I was truly impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and personal warmth that guided Helen as she led our podcast discussion. She is clearly an expert in her field who brings dynamic experience and skills to these conversations! Helen has a unique ability to create and support a dialogue that enables her viewers to consider new perspectives and new insights, both of which will impact their goals as parents and the skills they have to reach these goals. Her podcasts are stimulating, interesting, informative and well worth listening to.
Amanda de la Madriz
Such a great resource!
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I absolutely love the range of different topics Helen covers, there’s literally something on anything you can think you’d encounter after having a baby. I wish I had this podcast when I first had my kids!
Lacy Reason
Great for first time moms
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The First Time Mum's Podcast is an excellent resource for new mothers who are looking for guidance, support, and a sense of community as they navigate the challenges of motherhood. Hosted by Helen Thompson, a certified infant massage instructor, this podcast covers a range of topics that are relevant to new mothers, including breastfeeding, connection, and much more.One of the things that makes this podcast so valuable is the way in which Helen addresses the real struggles and uncertainties that new mothers face. She provides practical advice and suggestions but also acknowledges that every baby and every mother is different, and encourages listeners to trust their instincts and do what works best for them and their families.In addition to Helen's expertise, the podcast also features interviews with other experts in the field, as well as real-life stories and experiences from other first-time moms. This diversity of perspectives and voices adds richness and depth to the discussions and helps to create a sense of community and support among listeners.
Jill Urbane
Fantastic resource for parents!
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Helen and her First Time Mums podcast are an amazing resource for parents of young children. It is filled with insights and actionable tools for parents who are struggling with some of the inherent struggles faced while raising young children. You need to add this one to your playlist for sure!
Nicole Gonzalez-Cumberbatch
Such a great podcast for mums!
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Helen has a wonderful podcast where she empowers first time mom's and gives them the tools, they can use within their motherhood journeys, through powerful conversations. It was such a pleasure to be a guest and to listen to other episodes!
Chris Lake
Excellent resource
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This podcast is such an excellent source of information to help guide new moms (and dads) better get a sense of what is best to do from experts!
Getting Ready To Be A Parent
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As someone about to be a parent, this podcast has been a great insight for me.
Jill Wright
Knowledge is power
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Helen does an incredible job of bringing relevant information to new Mums in a way that makes sense. She dives right to the core of the topics and asks the right questions to bring as much value as possible to her listeners. You can tell that she truly cares and I love the work that she is doing to make these tools accessible to new mums everywhere 🧡
Angelita Vuela
A wonderfully diverse podcast
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I have really enjoyed listening to the First Time Mum’s Chat. It brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to new mums who would like to plan a conscious pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Devin Garcia
Such a valuable resource!
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This podcast is fun and conversational, such a great listen! There's very valuable information for moms and moms-to-be, but it's done in a way that isn't lecture-y and boring. Helen is a wonderful host and a lovely person. I highly recommend this podcast!
Hilliary Giglio
Great resources for moms!
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Helen's podcast is a wealth of knowledge and support for mom's, yes new mom's, but also mom's at various stages. She is kind, supportive, and knowledgable and has great guests on her show! As a guest myself, I found working with her and her team to be positive, organized, and professional. I highly recommend!
Lisa Sugarman
First Time Mums is EXACTLY what new moms need most
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Helen’s genuineness and sincere love of children, along with her passion for helping new moms start their parenting journey with calm minds and hearts, makes her the perfect person to offer support to new mothers everywhere. Definitely a must-listen-to-parenting podcast!
Dr. Diane Speier
Adjusting to the Challenges of Parenting After Birth
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Episode 97 presents important information about WELLNESS after birth and the use of energy medicine techniques to help parents master the experience of the postpartum period. It aligns beautifully with Helen's mission to provide helpful holistic insights into the world of parenthood for new mums.
Emily Siegel
Great Resource for new moms!
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Helen offers such gentle and thoughtful guidance for new moms. Her voice is so soothing and reassuring - she really makes you feel like you’ve got this when motherhood feels hard.
Meredith Brough
A Wealth of Information & Insight for New and Seasoned Mothers.
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Loved this podcast. In fact I listened to 5-6 episodes in a row when I first discovered it! I learned new things from Helen and the guest experts she interviews. I found it wonderful and refreshing that Helen and her guests give advice that is aligned with up to date research and what comes from mothers' intuition and instincts. I highly recommend this podcast!

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