Tips to handle fussy eaters and allergy to cow milk
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092: Tips to Handle Fussy Eaters and Allergy to Cow Milk

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

As a first time parent coping with infant feeding problems, identifying an allergy to cow milk and finding ways to deal with fussy eaters often feels like a fulltime occupation doesn’t it! It’s the last thing you need on top of the other stresses you have to deal with daily as a new parent.

I’ve wanted to chat with someone such as a paediatric dietitian for sometime and was delighted to recently meet Judith Lynn. Judith lives in Northern Ireland and has a background in the British health system and has tons of experience and expertise with fussy eaters and allergy to cow milk, including 10 years as a pediatric dietitian.

I really enjoyed chatting with her and she’s got a great wealth of knowledge and in this episode you’ll hear us talk about:-

  • The psychology behind fussy eaters and the reasons it may occur.
  • Identifying where there is an allergy to cow milk and what are the alternatives.
  • How to start introducing them to solids when they are ready.

And much more ….

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About Judith Lynn

Judith Lynn

Judith Lynn is a Children’s Dietitian from Little Monkey Nutrition. She is a registered Dietitian in the UK and specialises in children with allergies, specifically allergy to cow milk, reflux, gut health and fussy eaters. 

Judith worked as a Paediatric Dietitian in the NHS for 10 years before going out on her own to set up her own private practice 4 years ago. She is a keen cook and does a lot of public health work and cookery demos for local charities and community organisations. 

Other areas of work are analysing recipes and meals for nurseries and baby food companies. Judith is passionate about helping parents of children improve their nutrition to create happy, healthy eaters.

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