Engaging with your child using non-verbal communication
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082: Tips To Engage With Your Child Using Non-Verbal Communication

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

So what do you do when your little one’s is only using non-verbal communication and isn’t trying to communicate with you verbally? In our modern hustle and bustle and highly competitive world, it’s easy for parents to worry if their baby’s verbal development seems slow or delayed.

As a childcare educator and baby massage instructor, it’s second nature to me to look for and interpret those non verbal cues. I highly recommend that all parents learn to read their little one’s non-verbal communication and to help you, in this week’s episode, you’ll hear me speaking with Louise Day, who is a speech and language therapist.

Louise works with children under 5, often who are non-speaking and you’ll hear us talk about:-

  • Accepting your child for who they are and not projecting your own beliefs and expectations on them.
  • Reading your child’s non-verbal communication and looking for their non verbal cues and subtleties of communication.
  • The importance of face to face contact and observing your child.

And much more!

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About Louise Day

Louise Day

Louise Day is a specialist speech and language therapist. She has worked with autistic children for 14 years and has been a speech and language therapist for 8 years. She set up her private practice in Edinburgh in 2021 after working several years in the health service in special needs schools and clinics. 

She lives with her husband and two children who are aged four and two. She works with non speaking children empowering them and their parents through a variety of tools including technology and signing.

 She is passionate about every child having a voice. She has a strong interest in baby communication, trauma and the mind body connection. In her spare time she likes to meet up with friends, go swimming in the sea, explore nature and do yoga. She has learnt to let go of expectations as a mum and that every child is unique in their development. She believes play is the way for children and that children need as much outdoor free time as possible.

She provides online and in person assessment, therapy, training and coaching to families. Her favourite thing about her service is that she can support families no matter where they are in the world and reach many people. She uses video feedback to build parent’s confidence and supports them with easy to implement strategies. Her approach values the relationship, connection, play and is neurodiversity affirming.

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