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043: Self Care For Moms – Finding Self-Fulfillment Without Surrendering Your Identity

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You were someone before pregnancy – but where did that person go? Motherhood is a gift of unimaginable love and happiness but in between playdates and naptime, you can’t help but miss certain things from your old life and answering to your real name instead of “mom”.

In this episode I am speaking with Zelmira Crespi a mother of 5 and co-author of Happy Mom, Happy Kid. Between them Zelmira and her friend Maria Montt who has a background in child psychology, have 9 children and decided to write a book answering their question, what really happens to moms when they go into motherhood.

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About Zelmira Crespi and Maria Luisa Montt
Zelmira and Maria are the joint authors of Happy Mom Happy Kid

Zelmira Crespi & Maria Montt

Zelmira Crespi is a writer and mother of five. Previously a journalist, a copywriter, and a communications and marketing manager, she now balances motherhood with her roles as a freelance content producer and investigative journalist.

A native of Montevideo, Uruguay, Zelmira now lives in Florida with her family.

Maria Luisa Montt is a digital entrepreneur and mom of four. Maria previously worked as a child psychologist before moving to the US from Chile.

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