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034: How to Boost Your Baby’s Brain Development

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Disclaimer – This podcast is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please contact a medical practitioner if you are concerned and have any medical issue.

It’s very important that you begin interacting with your baby in a way to ensure they develop and can achieve their maximum potential. This is important to implement from day one and throughout their early years whilst their brains are still developing.

In this episode I speak with Elizabeth Agrapidis, a pediatric physical therapist, teacher and mother of two. Elizabeth helps parents with their children’s physical development and we talk about why encouraging movement is so important to your baby’s brain development.

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About Elizabeth Agrapidis

Elizabeth Agrapidis

Elizabeth Agrapidis is an accomplished author, toy inventor, NDT certified practitioner, pediatric physical therapist, teacher, and a mom of two.

She is putting many of the puzzle pieces of whole child development together for moms from the convenience of their home. She is building an active community to support children and families by optimizing a baby’s movement pattern before anything becomes a problem or affects their future movement or developmental needs.

Her growing movement is called AbiliFit Baby Development Specialists and The Baby Development Lab!

As a PE (physical education) teacher, adaptive PE teacher for children with special needs, and a pediatric physical therapist she noticed that there was something missing and she wanted to help parents with children’s physical development from that point on in her journey. She now takes that knowledge and practical experience and provides hands-on developmental strategies through coaching and workshops to help moms bond with their baby in ways they never knew were possible.

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