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Baby massage benefits parents, infants and caregivers. The benefits for your baby include:-

  • Soothes them and helps them sleep.
  • Relief from gas/colic and constipation.
  • Aids with digestion.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Eases teething pain.
  • Reduces anxiety and improves alertness.

You are likely to find as a parent or caregiver that giving your baby a massage lifts your mood and helps you to feel more empowered to bond with your baby.

Group classes generally consist of two sessions, each of which are two hours in duration (4 hours in total). The timing will vary depending on the number of participants, questions and discussion.

This is a great question! I am asked this a lot. The full course incorporates around 50 strokes covering different parts of the body. These include the legs, feet, tummy, arms, chest, face, head and back.

I also include fun playtime games and exercises that you can do with your baby that also extend to older children. I also add my own slant on baby massage, providing tips from my extensive childcare training and background.

I include techniques that alleviate common ailments such as colic, congestion as well as ways to soothe your baby so they sleep better.

The course is divided into two separate sessions, each of which are of approximately two hours duration. The session breakdown includes the following:-

Session 1 – Appropriate oils to use on your baby, strokes for the legs and buttocks and recognising baby’s daily cycle and the best time to massage.

Session 2 – Strokes for the face and arms. Discussion on colic and strokes to prevent and relieve colic, constipation and wind.

I currently offer group baby massage classes in Burnie, N.W. Tasmania.

I will consider travel subject to there being sufficient demand and minimum attendee numbers.

Yes, this can be organised subject to there being minimum numbers.

I will need to ensure that the location chosen is suitable for the training and can provide further details.

The pace of results will vary, depending on how often you massage your baby. If you are completing the gas/colic strokes, then it is possible you will see some immediate results.

I have seen babies in my classes show immediate improvement after completing the first massage sequence.

If you massage your baby for as little as 15 minutes per day, then this can result in better sleep for your baby as they are more relaxed.

As much as I enjoy massaging, only the attending parent/caregiverĀ  provides the massage. My role is to provide guidance and instruction.

I teach you how to massage your baby using either Jacques or Clara (my two life size dolls) šŸ˜.

This is to ensure that I do not interfere with the essential bonding with your child.

Ideally, 4 weeks to pre crawling is the desired age as massage is easier when infants are not mobile. However, massage and positive touch is critical at all ages of our lives so adjustments can be made for the growing child.

Yes, I am happy to accommodate them in my group class. It is recommended that only one person massages the baby at any one time to avoid over stimulation. It is also preferred for the main caregiver to perform the massage as this will improve the bonding with your baby.

All babies are welcome in my classes regardless of their moods. As a parent or caregiver you can always take timeout to attend to your baby.

I am currently able to accept payment either via Paypal, bank deposit, bank cheque or cash. Paypal also gives you the option of paying via credit card.

Yes, I generally require a minimum of 6-10 babies in a group class.


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