Helen Thompson, baby massage courses

Welcome to my website

My name is Helen Thompson and I live on the North West coast of Tasmania, Australia in Burnie.

I am originally from Perthshire in Scotland in the United Kingdom (UK) and was brought up on a farm near the tiny village of Abernyte located between Perth and Dundee. I love Scotland and enjoy visiting there but have spent too long in a hotter climate and find the cold weather debilitating.

I started my career as a child care worker in Scotland where I gained my first qualification in child care, the NNEB, which is widely recognised all over the world and have worked in the child care industry for many years in the UK and Australia. I have also trained in other areas including Brain Gym and Kinesiology.

Over the years I have become disillusioned with the ever increasing mountains of red tape that are causing child care professionals like me to spend more and more time away from the children in our care and in 2010 I decided to diversify.

I still spend some of my week working in childcare, but I’ve also become an infant swimming instructor and enjoy teaching babies to swim. I find it very fulfilling helping their mothers and fathers teach them to be happy and safe in the water.

It is very rewarding and in 2010 I decided to also train in baby massage, which is great in helping parents bond with their babies. It is so much more than just relaxation and parents all over the globe are discovering that baby massage can help their child settle, sleep better, reduce crying, and relieve various problems. I look forward to teaching you how to massage your baby!