Baby massage provides you with the precious opportunity of bonding with your baby.

Baby massage has been steadily gaining in popularity in the Western world over the past decade or so. Many people are unaware that this has been a regular part of mothering for centuries in parts of Asia.

These cultures embraced the many benefits of baby massage early on and it is part of a daily routine performed by both mother and grandmother.

This is hardly surprising when you consider the physical advantages and its many benefits. One of our first senses to develop is touch and this begins to develop very early in the womb. The act of birth is very dramatic for your baby which has spent many months in a warm, safe environment so it is hardly surprising they yearn for touch. Babies born prematurely via cesarean section are also believed to yearn for touch even more, due to their method of entry into this world.

It is also helps to relieve the symptoms of colic and constipation, whilst providing valuable relaxation with your child. For infants and young children, touch is a basic physical and emotional need and it is just as vital as food. Research has shown that children deprived of physical contact suffer from negative signs and symptoms, both physically and psychologically.

Massage provides quality time between you and your child, enhancing the bonding process whilst also offering the physical and emotional benefits. In my courses, I teach you how to massage your baby and perhaps most importantly, I’ll show you how to tell when your baby wants to be massaged.

baby massage courses

Baby Massage Courses

Training can be completed via attendance at a group training or at your own facility subject to minimum numbers.
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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your most common questions about baby massage.
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baby massage benefits

Benefits of Baby Massage

Baby massage has many benefits and will improve the relationship and bonding with your baby.
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