Conscious Parenting The Key To Breaking Family Cycles
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055: Conscious Parenting The Key To Breaking Family Cycles

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Have you ever noticed yourself reacting in a certain way to your child’s behaviour, felt ashamed and then thought to yourself “where on Earth did that come from”? Many of us have triggers from our past that influence how we behave as parents and I’ve always felt that having an awareness of their origins is an important starting point in conscious parenting and any healing.

After all, you want to be present for your kids as the “best you”, right?

Today’s guest, mother of 3, Laura Linklater is a Cycle-Breaker Parent Mentor and has been there, having been brought up in a household with alcoholism.

You’ll hear Laura talk about many topics including:-

  • Seeing your child as your awakener.
  • The importance of having a connection with your child.
  • Her collaborative problem solve method.

Laura shares loads of great tips and insights in this episode to help parents break their cycles so that they can support their children to flourish.

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About Laura Linklater

Laura Linklater

Laura is a Cycle-Breaker Parent Mentor. She helps parents who had a tough upbringing and are committed to being the gentle, empowering parent they always dreamed the would be.

Laura is on a mission to support and guide conscious parents as they heal and learn practical skills so that they can in turn support their child/ren’s emotional and behavioural development.

Laura helps you to identify and honour your triggers for reactions in ways you don’t wish to act in your role as parent (shouting, anger, shaming, withdrawing), to make sense of your past experiences and to find peace as you embark on your journey of self-healing.

She also helps you to understand your child’s behaviour and teaches you practical parenting, listening and conflict resolution skills you need so you can raise up your child/ren and break the cycles you do not wish to pass on.

Laura helps parents to break their cycles so that they can support their children to flourish, and build a connected, loving family.

Healing + skills = the parent you always wanted to be

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