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My name is Helen Thompson and I’m a baby massage/tummy time instructor and I also host the First Time Mum’s Chat weekly podcast.

Baby massage has many benefits and it can also help your baby with conditions including colic, reflux and constipation.

It’s great to incorporate it into your daily routine if you are looking for ways to build a magic bond with your baby and enhance your confidence as a parent. Check out my ‘4 Simple Baby Massage Routines’ cheat sheet to get started.

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Learn Baby Massage From The Comfort Of Your Home

No matter where you are located globally, you can now learn baby massage via my Zoom workshops. Start with a FREE 30 minute introduction to the world of baby massage and learn how you can build that magic bond and enhance your confidence as a parent.

Are you looking for ways to help your baby when they are suffering from conditions such as colic/gas, constipation or teething? Want to know what you can try to relieve their suffering which is gentle and easy to do?

In each episode, I’ll be your guide – sharing tips for first time mums to help you and your baby with the issues you face. Each episode is created to help inspire you to take action on the strategies that are proven to work, so you can help your baby.

Listen to First Time Mum’s today and learn how to help your baby when they are suffering.

If you’ve recently launched into your parenting journey and looking for support and a safe community, then why not check out my First Time Mum’s Lounge Facebook group.

I want to help you feel not so alone, help you with your parenting journey, and be here for all your needs.

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build a magic bond with your baby & enhance your confidence using simple routines!

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