Transcript: How to Help Baby With Colic Using Baby Massage Techniques

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Many of the moms that I speak with complain their little ones are struggling with colic. I’ve often seen good results when I teach and assist them to introduce baby massage into their daily routine.

It’s always seemed to me that there are a lot of mystery surrounding colic, and I hear some interesting comments and experiences from mums all the time. These range from being told that it doesn’t even exist, through to doctors advising parents to just get on with it and stop complaining.

I’m sure you will agree with me that these comments are not overly helpful when your baby won’t settle and is clearly distressed. During my many years as a childcare educator, I regularly had babies in my care with colic and I was heartbroken seeing them suffer and there was little I could do to help them.

Unfortunately, when you are in a room with up to 10 babies at any one time, you can only do so much. This was what led me into my training and career as a baby massage instructor and I’ve never, ever looked back. So in preparing this episode, I decided to look at some of the facts about colic.

Colic isn’t always the most straightforward condition to identify, but it’s believed to affect about 20% of babies and a baby is described as having colic if he or she has episodes of uncontrollable, extended crying over three hours a day, or at least three days a week. The exact causes of colic are unknown and there are countless theories. These may include an immature digestive system, overstimulated senses, acid reflux, food allergies, and/or intolerances, and even exposure to tobacco.

I’ve had parents report good results and outcomes when they have utilised the baby massage techniques I’ve taught them on their babies. Baby massage has many benefits for both baby and parent, and it often helps relieve or eliminate wind from your baby’s body completely. Over the years, I’ve had so many parents beg me to show them how to relieve their baby’s colic that I put together an online mini course, which solely teaches a colic relief routine, which can be learnt and implemented very quickly. The course is called Colicky Baby 101 and it’s a self-paced mini course delivered via video and written materials. I know that you’re looking for immediate help and the last thing you’ve got time for is to spend hours learning new stuff.

So I’ve made it quick and easy to learn the baby massage techniques in the Colicky Baby 101 course. So if you’ve welcomed home your new baby to find yourself stressed because they are crying for hours on end and the experts have been of little help and you’re tired of trying to find answers online and you’re just plain totally exhausted, please don’t wait until you begin to feel anger towards your little one, because it’s not going to help you, when you could be up and running with the techniques taught in the Colicky Baby 101 course in as little as an hour.

I’ve included links to the Colicky Baby 101 course, as well as the baby massage introduction video, I’ve put together and some interviews I’ve given on baby massage in the show notes, which can be accessed at