How to Form a Magic Bond With Your Newborn in 5 Days or Less

In this article, I’m going to share some steps and techniques you can use to form a magic bond with your little one in 5 days or less.

It will enhance your confidence as a new parent as your nurture your baby whilst imparting some excellent health benefits.

The strategies I’m going to share come from the wonderful worlds of baby massage (aka infant massage) and tummy time. Yes, I’m a touch biased, since I teach both but as you’ll see they offer many excellent benefits to both baby and parent.

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Helen Thompson

Before I launch into my 5 day action plan, I want to share with you the many ways that both baby massage and tummy time can help you and your baby towards a magical bond whilst providing them with many benefits to set them on their life journey.


  • It will help to improve their sleep pattern
  • It develops their body, mind, awareness and coordination
  • It helps to regulate and strengthen their digestive and respiratory systems whilst also stimulating their circulatory and nervous systems
  • It strengthens and tones their muscles
  • It can improve skin conditions


  • It’s a great way to bond and connect with your baby
  • It provides you with practical tools that can help soothe common ailments including colic, reflux and constipation
  • It will help you get to know your baby’s cues whilst also increasing your awareness of their body
  • For mums who are breastfeeding it promotes lactation through a stimulation of hormones

You Can Make It Happen By Implementing a Short Daily Routine

You can stop feeling powerless and disconnected from your baby in just 5 days by incorporating easy to do baby massage and tummy time moves into your daily schedule.

I know you’re busy and you’ve got lots of demands on your time, but trust me, you want to get started ASAP.

Don’t worry, it’s simple to learn and doesn’t take long for you to get into the swing of it.

You’ll also build a more confident mother-infant relationship and as I shared earlier, there’s loads of other benefits for both you and your baby!

Without further ado, let’s get started!


It is important for you to bond and connect with your baby, build healthy habits and begin developing your confidence with them. Incorporating mirror play into your daily activities is a great way for your baby to get to know you better as you interact with them and it helps their development in many ways.

This activity will fascinate them, although they probably won’t recognise their face in the mirror.

To do this, simply place your baby on a rolled up towel or blanket and look at them in the mirror. Babies love watching mirrors because they are shiny and bright and there’s a thrill in spotting their own reflection.

8 Ways How Mirror Play Helps Your Baby


  • It aids with their spatial awareness which helps increase dexterity, their sense of balance, flexibility and whole body strength.
  • It encourages independence.
  • It aids with their hand/eye coordination whilst helping with visual tracking and focus.
  • It helps develop your baby’s social skills.
  • It helps develop their head and shoulder muscles and physical abilities.
  • It can help with their language skill development.
  • Mirrors can help young children to develop as they experience their own facial expressions.
  • It develops their sense of self-recognition.

Now that you’ve started to get closer to your baby with mirror activities, for our second day we’re going to do what is called ‘Lift and Stroke’. This is sometimes also referred to as ‘Elevated Paddling’.

I have chosen this stroke for your second day because it encourages your baby to relax and will lower their stress level. The added benefits are that it can help relieve problems such as gas, colic and reflux.

It encourages those air bubbles in their tummy to move down and out of the bowel which may give immediate relief.


Please do the following:-

  • Before you get started, ask your baby’s permission. You do this by looking directly at them whilst warming up your hands and telling them what you are going to do.
  • Begin by lifting both of your baby’s legs slightly by the ankles. 
  • With the other hand, stroke down their tummy using the side of your hand. This will scoop from the top of the bowel to the bottom of the bowel.
How Lift and Stroke Helps Your Baby
  • It compresses their tummy, which helps with bowel movements, drawing out any trapped wind.
  • It helps induce relaxation in their tummy.
  • It can be very helpful with easing constipation.

Today’s activity is a tummy time activity called ‘Resting Hands’. This activity will help you and your baby forge a closer relationship as you rest your hands on their back.

It is an excellent way to introduce your baby to the world of tummy time and it’s very relaxing for them. I suggest taking a moment before you get started to relax yourself and do some deep breathing.


  • Place your hands on your baby and relax them, allowing them to go heavy.
  • Now let your baby know that you’re going to give them a short back massage.
  • I often include a song whilst doing the massage such as ‘Incy Wincy Spider’.

For our day 4 activity I’ve selected a baby massage activity for your baby’s feet known as ‘Unwind’. Not only is massaging the feet soothing and calming but it also brings many health benefits. This is an excellent activity to help get them to sleep.

If you’ve ever experienced reflexology you may already be familiar with how good it is for many organs in your body. This activity links to your baby’s solar plexus which serves many organs including the adrenal glands.

You can do this activity whilst you’re snuggling with your baby to calm and reassure them.


Hold your baby’s foot in one hand and rub the middle area of their foot with your thumbs in a gentle spiral movement in a clockwise direction in the middle of their foot. Then repeat this on the other foot.

Imagining a clock face will make it easier for you to visualise this.

To avoid tickling them, ensure the movements are firm and not too light and featherish.

Congratulations, you’ve now reached day 5. The final activity I’m sharing with you is another toe activity known as ‘Tiny Toes’.

As I explained in the previous activity, toe activities bring many health benefits so we’re doing another one for our final activity together.

I also wanted to finish with an activity which combines rhymes and songs since your baby will love this and it will bring you closer together.

Your baby will love hearing your voice and the different songs you come up with whilst doing the activity.

This activity can also be done on their fingers as an alternative.


  • Hold your baby’s foot with one hand and gently squeeze their toes with the other.
  • Start with their big toe and work your way toe by toe, down to their little toe, applying light pressure on the top of each toe.

Be careful to ensure you avoid their toenails and also avoid tickling them.

Putting it all Together

So, there you have it – a 5-day plan to go from feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your baby to feeling confident and forming a magic bond with your little one ….

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