I have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions and answers concerning baby massage and my courses. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need an answer to a question that is not included here.

How long should I massage my baby?
Start with a few minutes, then build up to ten to twenty minutes, once or twice a day. Start slowly and see how you and your baby are responding. It is important to learn to read the signs of when your baby has had enough, so you know when to stop.

When is the best time for baby massage?
In the morning when your baby is quietly alert, or after a bath… or in the evening just before sleep.

What if I don’t have enough time to give a full baby

If you find that you don’t have enough time for a full baby massage, incorporate sequences like legs and feet or arms and shoulders or abdomen into your baby care times… bathing, changing diapers, any time you are naturally spending time together.

Do you massage my baby?
No, I teach parents to massage their own babies and I do not massage them. I demonstrate the techniques to use with a doll.

I want to book a course with you. What payment methods do you accept?
I am currently able to accept payment either via Paypal, bank deposit, bank cheque or cash. Paypal also gives you the option of paying via credit card.

What areas do you provide training?
I am based in the Burnie, Tasmania area and generally provide courses in that area. However, I am prepared to travel further subject to there being sufficient demand and minimum numbers of parents attending.

Does baby massage help with reflux and colic?
Yes baby massage can help ease the pain of reflux. I teach you a special massage sequence to use which may help alleviate the symptoms of reflux.