Here is a breakdown of each session of my baby massage course.

Session 1

  • Appropriate oils to use on your baby.
  • Permission sequence.
  • Strokes for the legs and buttocks.
  • Contraindications (situations where massage should be avoided).

Session 2

  • Benefits of Infant massage.
  • Recognising your baby’s daily cycle and the best time to massage.
  • Recognising when your baby does/does not want a massage.
  • Bonding with your baby.
  • Strokes for the abdomen and chest and techniques for touch relaxation.

Session 3

  • Developing massage stokes to suit your growing child.
  • Strokes for the face, arms and back.
  • Discussion on colic, strokes to prevent and relieve colic, constipation and wind.

Session 4

  • Exercises to keep your baby flexible and assist with lymphatic drainage.
  • Review of full massage routine.