Breast feeding your baby is a natural thing and is what nature intended and has many benefits for your baby’s health and wellbeing.

Your diet before and after the birth of your baby must be well balanced. Also make sure you get plenty of rest, sleep and exercise so you are at your best. Yes, this is often easier said than done!  Finding the right routine to suit your baby is recommended over feeding them by the clock. They will develop their own routine over time.

There are many advantages to breast feeding including:-

  • It provides a food entirely suited to your baby’s digestion.
  • It contains essential nutrients for your baby in the required quantity for growth.
  • It contains lacto Ferin which increases your baby’s resistance to diseases such as Gastroenteritis.
  • It forms a close physical and emotional bond between you and your child. Physical contact is extremely important because it stimulates the important touch sensation, necessary for emotional development and your baby will get the comfy feeling of being warm and cosy.  Baby Massage is a great way of building this physical bond.
  • Your own antibodies are transformed to the baby, providing an increased immunity to disease.
  • Your milk is sterile, so the baby is safe guarded against infection.
  • Your milk is at the ideal temperate and is not too hot or cold. This is extremely important because your baby may get colic otherwise. Colic is one of the conditions that can be relieved when I teach parents how to massage their baby.
  • Your baby has to suck vigorously when they feed and this stimulates the blood supply to their gums and jaws and helps in the formation of sound teeth. Another way to help with your baby teething and jaw development is via baby massage.
  • There is less risk of your baby becoming overweight.

The topic of breastfeeding in public is currently somewhat controversial. In my opinion it is a natural way to feed your baby and is part of everyday life. It is very peaceful, stops a screaming child who is hungry and soothes them instantly. Let’s face it, it is often impractical to wait for a bottle to heat up in a crowded restaurant when you need it most.

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