More and more people are talking about the benefits of infant massage. The best way to learn these special techniques, is to take your baby classes where they can learn the proper movements.

There is actually proof that baby massage techniques not only relax your baby, but more importantly, aid in their development into intelligent, happy children who are fully aware of the world around them.

The Benefits

Although it is a new trend, studies have been conducted by education experts to see how infant massage influences kids and mothers. There is a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and developmental benefits to the practice. These studies also show that these techniques help kids to interact with adults more easily.

Physically, these specific movements stimulate babies’ nervous systems. In particular, it speeds up the process called myelination, which promotes communication between the brain and body. This is very important in early growth, because it means that they will be better able to develop control over their movements.

Another benefit is that it helps with circulation and respiration. When the blood flows through the body more easily, it helps to get rid of toxins, and regulate all the body’s important functions. Better circulation also means better sleep.

Studies have shown that these techniques help babies’ immune systems develop. There has been a link observed between this technique and the production of white blood cells that help to fend off diseases. Infant massage has been particularly helpful to babies that suffer from life-threatening hereditary diseases.

Baby massage also helps with digestion. A good, routine session will help a baby get rid of gas, reduce constipation and prevent colic.

Helping Your Baby Relax

Encouraging relaxation is one of the most important overall benefits of the practice. The massage techniques and movements reduce muscle tension and anxiety. This contributes to better sleep, which is as important to a baby’s health as a proper diet.

Infant massage not only relaxing but aids in their development.

It helps get them started reacting with their world, an important first step in the development of a young child.

Babies who have had a regular massage routine often show traits of intelligence and calmness in early life. Studies have shown that these children also show lower levels of hyperactivity when they are toddlers and young kids.

Finally, the practice helps the child bond with caring adults. As a parent, learning these techniques can be a great way to help your baby develop. You can also take your baby to classes, where a masseuse who has undergone training can show you how it is done. This is a wonderful way to get your child used to adults and the world around them.

Infant massage, either done at home with the right techniques, or in classes where they have specialized training, has wonderful benefits for a new child and parents.

A growing trend among parents wanting healthier babies is a technique called infant massage.

Many believe that babies grow and act better when they receive an infant massage. Infant massage is a skin-to-skin connection that helps parents and an infant connect better with one another. Besides the fact that it is exciting to work with your baby, massage can help babies grow and develop better and can work to improve their digestion.

Healthcare providers have hypothesized that babies who are touched a lot grow better. There seems to be a biological connection between stroking and grooming infants and their growth. Touch stimulates growth-promoting hormones and increases the enzyme activity that makes the cells of the vital organs more responsive to the growth-promotion effects of these hormones. Human babies deprived of touch tend to show decreased hormone growth and can develop several conditions.

One can say that there is something magical about a parent’s touch because touch promotes brain growth. Touch also improves digestion. Babies receiving extra touch show enhanced secretion of digestive hormones. Such babies through massage can also become better organized. They sleep better at night, fuss less during the day, and relate better to your interactions. The massage works to settle and relax the babies.

Massage can be a wonderful way to lessen stress for parent and baby. Touch conveys nurturing and love, the essential ingredients for emotional and physical growth and well being. It can be a wonderful tool for helping your infant to go to sleep at night. They can also develop a feel for their body parts by learning which areas of the body are most sensitive and which need relaxation. A daily massage helps you to get in touch with your baby, read their body language, and learn his or her cues and mannerisms.

Infant massage is especially valuable for the parent and infant who were separated after birth due to medical complication because it can help parent and baby to reconnect. An evening bonding session can definitely help parents reconnect with their baby after being away for the day. This special touch enables mothers to tune out the stress and hardships of work and regulates family life.

A parent should choose a warm, quiet, draft-free place. Place the baby on the floor a bed or change table is not the best place as this can be dangerous, put on soothing music. Mothers should choose a time when they are not in a hurry, not likely to be interrupted, and baby is most in need of relaxing. Some parents like to start the day off with a morning massage while others prefer the activity to be conducted before-nap or evening. Make sure to choose the right oil, because this will make the activity more comfortable for the baby.

If performed with love and patience, infant massages can help in the baby’s growth and development. It can also help the mother and child connect with each other. It can also help in digestion process by relieving gas and colic. Last but not the least; it helps in promoting deeper bonding, enhancing self confidence, stimulating circulatory respiratory and gastrointestinal functions.

A growing trend among parents feeling the need to create better bonding with their babies is fostered by infant Massage it helps in better development, digestion and sleeping habits.

Breast feeding your baby is a natural thing and is what nature intended and has many benefits for your baby’s health and wellbeing.

Your diet before and after the birth of your baby must be well balanced. Also make sure you get plenty of rest, sleep and exercise so you are at your best. Yes, this is often easier said than done!  Finding the right routine to suit your baby is recommended over feeding them by the clock. They will develop their own routine over time. Read the rest of this entry